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22/11/2019 Newsy

GYEON Experience Centre Europe - Opening!

GYEON Experience Center Europe is ready and awaiting first official trainees! Detailing is all about passion. Passion is nothing once you can’t share it. The urge to meet fellow detailers, both enthusiasts and professionals, pushed us to work hard to create the ultimate venue. The first GYEON Experience Center is a unique concept, not just another training center. Our goal is to match a state of the art detailing studio with a comfortable training area. High-end equipment starting in the wash area up to the coffee corner. Great atmosphere, a dedicated and open-minded international team of trainers guarantee an unforgettable experience and tons of knowledge. Located next door to the headquarters of GYEON quartz Deutschland in Cologne, Germany, quick and easy access from all around the world via Cologne-Bonn, Dusseldorf, Dortmund or Frankfurt airports. To learn more about all available training programs, visit https://gyeonquartz.com/experience-center/

Nasza sieć dystrybucji na świecie

Dystrybutorzy i detailerzy

Nasza ogólnoświatowa sieć dystrybucji i usług składa się z wiodących sprzedawców sektora kosmetyki samochodowej i najwyższej klasy specjalistów detailerów, biegłych w najnowszych technologiach.